The Path I Have Walked

Have you ever wondered, walking down such a very long path, why you started walking that path in the first place? For some of us, it is a path of waiting. For others, it is a path of healing, or redemption.

We choose a path to take, and it changes us forever.

In the summer of 2014, I chose to make a blog about keeping 276 young kidnapped women, from Nigeria, in prayer. It has been an arduous path… a path full of tears, celebration, and many times, emotional apathy.

Yet I continue down this path. Even when I lose the emotional appeal of it, even when it feels more like a chore.

But Jesus has taught me SO MUCH through this path I have taken. He has softened my heart, opened my mind to what is happening all over the globe, and shown me a life that is bigger than myself.

Where is He taking me with this passion of mine? I haven’t a clue. All I know is that He still wants me on this path.

Please pray that I wouldn’t let burnout ruin such a beautiful thing Jesus is doing. Pray that I would continue on, in passion and in obedience, for these girls, and others like them. Thank you.

In Christ,

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What Truly Matters: The Death of Bob Saget

Many of you have already read the news: Bob Saget has passed away at the age of 65.

There seems to be no foul play or drug use. A legend, gone just like that.

Hearing such news and watching how others have spoken about him, has given me an admiration for Saget, and filled me with a question: What truly matters in this life?

We run after success, sex, pleasure, careers– but we will carry none of it past the grave.

I don’t want to be cliche here. But as I think about what matters, these thoughts come to mind: Knowing and Loving Jesus. Knowing and loving others. It really is that simple.

I don’t know where Bob Saget is now. That is between God and Him. But I pray that, as his family and friends mourn, they would run after what matters.

I love you all, and am so blessed and thankful to have you.

With Love, in Christ,


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Please Pray for Colorado

Hi friends,

We have recently– very recently, as in today– gotten hit by a horrific fire that is spreading due to crazy blowing winds. At least 850 homes have already been lost. Near or far away, would you please pray with us for the damage being done?

Dear Father God,
You are in control of this horrible blaze. We pray over those losing their homes and jobs because of this fire. Please protect the people being hurt in Louisville and Superior; please keep them safe. Use us to help them when this is all contained and the damage that is done is seen. Bring these people to ultimately know You.
In Jesus’ Name we pray, amen.”

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Merry CHRISTmas!

Friends and Family,

Forgive me for being late in sending “Merry Christmas” your way! As I was sitting in my seat during the Christmas service at church, I looked around at all the little babies and toddlers in the room.

It struck me that Jesus was one of them at this time. A cooing, crying, laughing, screaming baby, coming into our dark world as the light of life. Jesus came so that He might die for our sins, and so that He might “yada” us: a word in Hebrew meaning to “know intimately.” (1)

I don’t have babies yet, but I pray that as we observe these holidays, we would never forget how vulnerable Jesus was with us– and how we can be vulnerable with Him as He pursues our hearts and wants a personal relationship with each of us.

Merry CHRISTmas, friends! May you know His Love more than ever this holiday season.

With Love, in Christ,


I Wonder.

There are still more than 100 girls from Chibok, Nigeria, living captive to their evil “husbands” and terrorist leaders. Tonight, I think about how many of them still remember and long for their loved ones.

…It’s been 7 years. Do they still keep up hope that they will somehow be found and freed? Or have they lost all hope?

Father, give them tenacity. Let them know that they matter to You, and about how you proved it at Calvary. And let them know that they are not forgotten. 🔹

Prayer and Action: Helping those Struck by Tornadoes


I am heartbroken– along with many of you– to hear about the tramatic tornadoes that have ripped through states like Kentucky, Illinois, and Tennessee. I have read here about the tragic stories of loss and chaos in these places, and my heart goes out to those who are desperately hurting over the loss of their loved ones.

I can’t help but think of the Biblical character, Nehemiah. The book of Nehemiah begins with Nehemiah being a cupbearer to the King in Susa. He gets word from his brother that “Those who survived the exile and are back in the province are in great trouble and disgrace. The wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates have been burned with fire” (Nehemiah 1:3).

What does Nehemiah do next? He sits down and weeps. He mourns and fasts before God. And then, heartbroken to hear about the state his home country is in, he decides to do one thing first: He prays.

After He prays, He asks King Artaxerxes if he may go back to Jerusalem and rebuild it’s walls (Nehemiah 2:1)– and he does just that.

As we look upon the death and destruction these freaks of nature have produced, may we be like Nehemiah– deeply moved to lift them up in prayer, and, if led to, go and help on the ground or in any way possible (you can start helping here). Please pray with me now.

Dear Lord God,
We come before You broken and hurting over those who have lost everything and everyone because of these tornadoes and storms. We ask now that You would send comfort, strength, and peace to each person affected by these storms. Give their leaders wisdom about how to deal with the aftermath; please lead and guide us in prayer and in action as You would will us to help. We lift them high to You now, Father.
In Jesus’ Name we pray, amen.”

May we pray and act as led by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your time, prayers, love, and action.

In Christ,


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“Lift” by Audio Adrenaline

I lift you up, so high, I forget about the world I am livin’ in… lay it at your feet, I’m giving in.”

“Lift” by Audio Adrenaline

Sometimes we just need to get away from the everyday, mundane life, full of tragedy and pain…
and just worship our God.

I love this song, because it not only worships our God, but it points out the beauty of getting caught up in simply praising Him for who He is.

While we should never forget or push away what is going on in the world, we should never forget to love Jesus and worship Him with our whole selves, our whole lives. This is especially true of the holiday season.

May you lift Jesus high with me today.

In Christ,