Watch Out!

Hi everyone! Just felt that this was very important to share! Stay safe!



Personal Prayer Request

Please pray for a dear friend and her three daughters. She has been through hell and back since her husband passed away in 2016– they have been almost homeless many times, and have undergone a lot of trauma. While I will not put their full names online, you can call the mother R, and her children B, K, and M. Please pray that Christ would comfort and protect them, and that they would receive all the help they need.

Thank you!

This Islamic Child Bride Is 11 Years Old And Pregnant.

HEARTBREAKING. We MUST pray for these precious children… and that those people who adhere to islam would come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!



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11 year old Islamic bride’ let this just sink in.

This Is Islam where children are married at 6 years old to Muslim men in their 40’s 50’s and 60’s. Muslim men can have intercourse with their child brides as soon as they turn 9 years old and this is the result of their filthy disgusting way of life, the so called religion of peace.

This child looks so very sad, i can’t imagin the pain she is going through and she is not the only one, thousands of children are pregnant and they are also dying while giving birth.

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Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen: Praying for wiccans

Shockingly, Tom Brady has told the public that his wife, Gisele Bundchen, is a witch who has “helped” his team win the Super Bowl. Charisma News reported that Bundchen gave Brady a list of the things he needed to do in order to win the Super Bowl. Continue reading

Please pray (and look for) Patty Karst!

51691367_1825004340961219_8828828996650139648_nHi Friends and Readers,

I’m asking those around us to be in prayer for a woman who has not been seen since February 9th. Her name is Patty Karst (you can see a picture here). Wherever you are at, please keep a watchful eye out and pray that she would be found soon!

Thank you all!


What You Hear

“Be careful little ears, what you hear.
Be careful little ears, what you hear.
there’s a Father up above looking down in tender Love;
Be careful little ears, what you hear.”

It’s no surprise: crazy amounts of sound can fill our ears and mind. We are constantly bombarded with sounds from nature, technology, songs, and other human beings, among other things. Continue reading