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  • The God of All Comfort

    The God of All Comfort

    Family, my heart is breaking tonight. 6 people dead in the wake of a school shooting in Nashville. Tornadoes in Alabama and Mississippi ripping through homes and buildings. Shootings happening near my home. Watching such carnage fills me with tears. What are we going to do? I am not going to get political here. That…

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  • Prayer for the People of Mississippi & Alabama

    From March 24th to March 26th, 2023, many tornadoes and heavy storms ravaged parts of Mississippi and Alabama, killing at least 26 people. You can watch a video about the details of the destruction here. My heart is broken, as it was reported that a mother and her baby passed away, and many have lost…

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  • Prayer for Women on Women’s Day

    Today is international Women’s Day. As I type this, I cannot help but think of the girls and women who are captured, violated, degraded, and oppressed in this world. This speaks of the Chibok girls, of course, but also so many in the East and in Ukraine. Please pray with me today over these girls.…

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  • Prayer for Shahzad

    “So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.” (Acts 12:5, NIV) One young man by the name of Shahzad Masih is suffering persecution for believing in and loving Jesus. The ACLJ, headed up by Jay Sekulow, sent an email to me about Shahzad, asking if we would…

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Please pray that Rebecca Ibrahim would trust in Jesus with her whole life– and would share how He has helped her with the world, so that others may know of what Jesus has done.
Please pray that Saratu would come to know Jesus if she does not, already. Pray that the world becomes interested in the stories of these girls– and that Saratu Emmanuel would be able to tell hers.