Never Over: 5 Things to Pray for Nigeria

Think of it: Whether it’d be local news or a broadcaster’s edition of world and international news, we watch 10-15 news stories on any given night, with hours more spent reading online and paper news articles and navigating social media. Stories around the world, when read, watched, or heard, can move us to tears; more importantly, in the face of unmet needs and tragedies, they can lead us to prayer. While much of the world’s news contains stories of victory, healing, and joy, there are many more stories that can plague one with somber discouragement.

Sometimes, we see needs, near and far, only Jesus can fix, correct, and redeem. Over the next week (or at least in the coming days),  be praying that the Lord, by His Holy Spirit, would quicken your heart and bring to mind those in the news (both over TV and the internet) as well as those in your own life who need to be prayed for. Pray that Jesus would show you the places in your own life, in your own heart, that need to be brought to light and given over to Him. Living in this fallen world, may we take notice of the things that matter all around us, and come to Christ in prayer over them.

The needs of those in Nigeria and its surrounding countries are very diverse, yet no less important than any other. May we keep these stories– and more importantly, the people who are involved in them– close to us.

Please pray for…

To all those who feel led, I pray you’d make time to seek the Lord in all these matters. Let us listen to and apply the exhortation found in 1 Peter 4:7: “The end of all things is near. Therefore be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray.” May we keep these people in mind, knowing that the fight is never over.

Do you know Jesus?

The fact that many people pray– that there is something in us that wants to pray– gives glory to God in that it shows He is omniscient, omnipresent, very Loving, and incredibly interested in our lives. Yet, there are many people who keep God at arm’s length, buying into the idea that He is a cosmic genie, “the big guy in the sky,” or the One you run to when all else fails. Do not misread this: God takes great joy when people seek Him, even in these somewhat ignorant ways. Yet, He is so much more than these things, and wants so much more with us. The amazing truth is, God wants a Personal, consistent, Love relationship with us. He does not want to zap us for our sins; on the contrary, He wants to save us all from our sins and graciously give us a new, eternal Life– both here and after– that can not be had any other way.

To read of God’s passionate love for mankind– and His plan for reconciling with us– read here.

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