31 Days of Prayer: Day Eight

Glory Dama was found/freed on October 13th, 2016! She is #31 in this photo.
hanatu nuhu true
Hanatu Nuhu is still captive, as of 3/6/2018. She is #32 in this photo.
Filo Dauda was freed on May 6th, 2017! She is #33 in this photo.
hajara isa
Hajara Isa is still in captivity, as of 3/6/18. She is #34 in this photo.

Week Two | FOCUS: Loved Ones

So many men, women, and children are not only grieving the loss of those who have died at the hands of Boko Haram, but are also grieving not knowing where their beloved daughters, sisters, wives, and loved ones are. Let’s pray for those who are currently waiting for the Chibok girls to come home– that they would not give up Hope, and would look to Jesus for comfort and strength.

Thank you! You can find prayer- journaling sheets here, if you would like some.

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