31 Days of Prayer: Day 21

All of these women were freed on May 6th, 2017, after negotiations were had with Boko Haram!!!

28 Mary Ali

Please pray that Mary Ali would know Jesus Christ, and would be healed of any PTSD and emotional trauma she has undergone.

29 Rahilla Bitrus

Please pray that Rahilla Bitrus would not believe the lies of the enemy, but would believe the Truth of who she really is in Christ.

30 Lataba Maman

Please pray that Lataba Maman would come to accept the True, simple Gospel of Jesus Christ– and that her family and loved ones would, too.

31 Lydia Habila

Please pray Lydia Habila would trust in Jesus, and would be willing to go wherever He takes her!

Week Three | FOCUS: Truth

Today, this world, especially in places rife with terrorism like Northern Nigeria, is full of lies: from how to get to heaven, to who is the One and Only True God, this world, and the one behind it’s schemes (satan), is committed to confusing and lying to people at large.

This is no more obviously seen than in the situation with Boko Haram. Please pray specifically against the brainwashing, lies, and false doctrine those who are kidnapped (like the “Chibok” girls and “Dapchi” girls) have undergone. Pray that it would be replaced with Jesus’ Life-giving, freeing Truth!

Thank you! You can find prayer-journaling sheets here, if you would like some.

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