March for Our Lives: Remembering the Chibok Girls

As many today march for the end to school violence through gun control, I believe there is another form of school violence that should be remembered and upheld, too.

I spoke about it in this post. While the Chibok school girl kidnapping has little to do with gun violence (though the use of guns in their kidnapping played a huge role), these young women– innocent, intelligent, and full of promise– were taken from the free world, to the outrage of many.

But are they remembered, still today? This is not meant to make anyone feel guilty, but rather, convicted and encouraged. As we see thousands upon thousands of Americans stand up and say “#NeverAgain,” I pray that we remember these precious young women– and that those with the power to save these young women from Boko Haram, and protect children from terrorism of any kind, will determine in their hearts that such kidnappings, tragedies, and pains should “Never Again” happen, as well.

Today, please pray for these kids, parents, and people in general marching so that gun violence never again happens, and please keep the terrorism happening in Northern Nigeria, especially to the girls and women of places like Chibok, in your prayers as well.

May we look forward to when Jesus comes back, and we can, with a sigh of complete relief and Peace, say “Never Again” to the pain and tears happening all around us.

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus came once, to die for the sins of the world. And He is coming back, again, to right every wrong and set up His Kingdom in a new earth, and a new heaven. This is cause for great Hope and celebration! Read more about these amazing promises, here.

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