31 Days of Prayer: Day 25

All of these women were freed on May 6th, 2017, after negotiations were had with Boko Haram!

51 Yana Bukar
Please pray that, locally and globally, Yana’s name is known– and that she would be inspiration for the freedom of the rest of these girls.
52 Abigie Bukar
Pray that Abigie’s name is not forgotten, and that her story is honored and used to bring the other Chibok girls home. Pray that Jesus would heal her, and that she would come to Him.
53 Amina Bulama
Please pray that Amina Bulama, and her family, would receive miraculous healing, and would credit Jesus alone for it.
54 Asabe Lawan
Please pray that Asabe Lawan and her family are healed mentally and emotionally of any and all PTSD and trauma she has experienced.

Week Four | FOCUS: Healing

It is no secret that what these young women have been through is nothing short of tragic, in almost every way possible. These women are in deep need of healing, physically, mentally, emotionally, and most of all, spiritually. May Christ heal them in every way they need.

Thank you! You can find prayer-journaling sheets here, if you would like some.

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