31 Days of Prayer: Day 27

All of these women were freed on October 13th, 2016, after negotiations were had with Boko Haram!

59 Jummai John
Please pray that Jummai John’s name is remembered, and that her story of being free here gives hope to those still waiting for their loved ones’ freedom.
60 Blessing Abana
Please pray that Blessing Abana shares her story with whoever will listen, and that it will keep the unreleased Chibok girls in people’s hearts.
61 Lugwu Sanda
Please pray that Lugwu Sanda views her story, not as a curse, but as a story of miracles and resilience– and that she will share it with the world!
62 Binda Nuhu
Pray that Binda Nuhu (also may be Pindar Nuhu) would trust that God has done all of this in her life for a reason, and would give Jesus the glory for her life and escape.


Week Five | FOCUS: Renewed Interest (in the Chibok Girls)

As this month of prayer comes to a close this week, I wanted to really thank you for reading and praying for the beautiful young women in these posts. As we move into April, the month these girls were taken, let’s pray for a renewed, world-wide interest in these young women– a renewed interest that will free them.

Thank you! You can find prayer-journaling sheets here, if you would like some.

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