The Power of the Believers’ Prayer

On Saturday, April 14th, one reporter, Mr. Ahmed Salkida, reported through twitter that He knows the whereabouts of the Chibok girls.1 As an “insider” into many of the goings-on within Boko Haram, Salkida has asserted that only fifteen of the Chibok girls are still alive. According to Salkida, the girls are either married off, or brainwashed into Islam, unwilling to come out of their new home, if it can even be called that.

The Nigerian government has de-bunked Salkida’s claims, asserting that they are not true, and they are encouraging the public not to lose hope.2 My heart is deeply grieved by just the thought of what Salkida has said being true. Today, I am asking the Church, and all people, to please pray for the Chibok schoolgirls—that Salkida’s reports are not true, and that these young women would be freed.

“Who is the Church?” you may ask. I am not referring to buildings; I am referring to how the Bible describes the Church, in the New Testament: us. Those who believe on Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are the church; our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19).

If you are hesitant toward what I’ve said, I can understand. To many, the words “prayer” and “church” can sound stuffy and merely religious. You may have never heard of this “we are the Church” stuff, before. Although I understand, let me reassure you: Jesus came to bring freedom to those held captive by religious do’s and don’ts. He came to heal those who are spiritually sick– knowing their need, not for religion to “clean them up,” but for someone to save them from themselves.

In the even that Salkida’s reports are proven true and accurate, I ask that you all pray for the young women who are still remaining. As we pray, let me speak of some encouragement given today about prayer, by my pastor: “What is happening is mostly invisible. But, where 2-3 are gathered [in Jesus’ Name], there He [Jesus] is” (referencing Matthew 18:20).3 Friends, let’s not get weighed down by how situations look. If we are to live our lives by faith instead of sight, there will be times when what we believe will seemingly conflict with what we are seeing; but this does NOT mean that Christ is not moving.

As I ask you to pray, I am not demanding something religious, or something to merely make us feel like better people. I pray that these posts do not come off that way. Instead, I pray this: that, as a Believer in Jesus Christ, you would know that you can come to Him confidently and boldly. May you know that His Love for you—and His Sovereign Power in every situation—is greater than anything you could ever imagine! As we come before Him together, may He hear our cries, and do what He alone knows is best.

I love, and am so thankful for, each and every one of you. I am thankful that I am able to come before Jesus with you all, praying for the different things He is pressing upon our hearts. Though it might not be done in our way or timing, I know Jesus has these Chibok girls, wherever and however they are, in His Hands.

Do you know Jesus?

As said above, Jesus did not come to merely show the way to salvation to others; He came to be the way. Whoever you are today, and whatever you have done, please know that Jesus does not demand for you to clean yourself up before you come to Him. He merely wants you, right now—sin and all. He, as you surrender yourself to His Loving, Perfect ways, will do the rest.

Learn more about Jesus Christ—who He is, why He came, and why it matters—here.

Please pray for (get a prayer sheet for this, here)…



3 Pastor Dick Foth, Sermon: “The Church,” Series: “Long Story Short,” April 14-15th, 2018.


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