Yesterday was Leah Sharibu’s 15th Birthday.

To my readers and fellow bloggers:

It fills my heart with sadness, to report that Leah Sharibu— the young lady who is still in the clutches of Boko Haram, all because she refused to convert to Islam– had her 15th birthday yesterday, still removed from her family, loved ones, and church family.

This little girl is facing unmentionable things, all because of her love for Jesus.

“Hardworking and quiet” was how many described her; “Soft and melodic” is how her pastor described her voice, as she was known for being apart of the church choir in her hometown. Her mother has acquired many medical issues because of Leah’s extended captivity.

Please, please, please, lift up Leah with me, today. Please pray that her freedom will come soon, and that Christ would give back to her everything she has had stolen from her. May she be freed soon, so that those who love her most can delight in her presence with them, again.

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus came to set men free. Learn about this God who came to liberate us, and how He did so, here.

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