For the Santa Fe Highschool Shooting (Poem & Prayer)

On May 18th, 2018, ten people were killed when a man roamed the hallways of Santa Fe Highschool with his father’s guns, as well as pipe bombs and other warlike weapons.

It is no secret that school violence, from the kidnapping of those like the Chibok girls, to the shootings of various schools all across America, is becoming more prevalent than ever before. The truth is, Christ said there would be “earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places,” before He came back.

That is not to say that it is Jesus’ fault. They are acting in a direction completely opposing Christ and all He stands for. Without Him, all of us are capable of such extreme evil.

This is gut-wrenching, and should never happen again. As Christ comes soon, so the pains of this world will get even worse… but that fact, does not cure the pain.

Knowing that Jesus is coming soon is an encouragement. More than anything, it is my desire to honor and love those affected by this shooting by praying for them. Because of this, I have written a poem, and at the end I added a short prayer for those hurt. Will you agree with me in prayer, and like this post if you are actively praying to Jesus on their behalf?

The poem starts below. ­

“Look Up”

looking up

This should not have happened, again.

10 souls taken by men

This is more than just a “sorry.” There are no words to express

The deepness of this sorrow. This bitterness.

But, somehow, “God is good.” How could

I say something like that, right now?

So trite, so cliché. Right?

And to say what many Christians are saying:

“It all will get worse.

We are in the last days.”

The last days hurt, don’t they?

The pain for them, as they stand on the school’s sidewalks

And parking lots

Hugging, holding, giving out a helping hand.

Friend, I want to give you a helping hand, to do all I can do:

Let me pray for you.

The dawn will come,

We are so close;

And all that will matter in that twilight

Is Jesus’ Love.

Though the pain burns in your chest

And haunts the corridors of your mind,

Keep looking up.

Trust, hold His Hand—we love you.

Please, keep




“Dear Lord Jesus,

As so many are grieving the loss of their loved ones, their best friends, and their family members, I pray that You would show up in their midst. Please, Lord Jesus, lift the heads of these wounded people, and pour out Your unfailing Love on them… I pray that they would want You to, and that they would seek You and find You, Lord Jesus.

Please, please please come back soon… And show us what to do concerning such violence until You return.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,

Meet the God who is there with the broken-hearted, here.



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