I Miss You (a Requiem for Mando)

This post is pretty random in nature; please forgive me for that. But, I still felt like I should post it. Learn more about the God who I speak to in this poem, here.

I miss you, Armando—
The way you gave hugs,
the way you wrote everything
from books to passed notes in class.

You had so much ahead of you;
Why did you decide that your last words to me would be

“I love you”?

You hugged me in the hallway.
You wrote me a note.
I would have held on to you,
and never let you go.

You never spoke about it.
That is another thing I am grieved over;
you never reached out in the midst of your pain,
and I was too into my own life to realize
the warning signs.
I would have sat down with you,
listening to you forever,
if I had known what you were planning to do
at home.

my dude,
my true friend,
the one who covered for me
when I accidentally peed my pants,
today I lament you.
If you were still alive, think

Of the things you could have done!
The One you could have run to.

I pray that you did run to Him.
That you did not run to anyone else…
it hurts me like no other.

Dear Jesus,
is Armando with You?

You alone know.
I lift my heart to you, today,
as well as the hearts of so many
who love him.
My heart is heavy.
Please lift it back up

Like he did
when we passed notes.

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