Prayer for Memorial Day Weekend

Hi everyone!

Being an American, I wanted to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day weekend!

I have a very sad confession: I had no idea what Memorial Day celebrated until I googled it tonight. I hope I am the only one.

But it’s true; with many people graduating around this time, and the reasons for many national holidays taking a back seat, it is more important than ever to remember why we get these days off, and to pray for our nation.

With also learning about how some things in the military can be—as some things are dark, and many things are traumatic, I wanted to say a quick prayer over the men and women in our military. Will you join me?

“Dear Lord Jesus,
We thank You and we praise You for allowing the creation of the United States of America, and for giving us favor for centuries.

Thank You for the men and women who have lost their lives keeping the USA free, dear Jesus. Thank You for your grace, as we have come away from You in recent decades, Lord. We pray today for our country to come back to You… and we pray that the men and women currently in our military would turn their hearts toward You, amidst all of the evil and darkness they see on a daily basis.

I pray that our country, and it’s people, would come back to You… and that Your Justice, Righteousness, and Sovereignty over us would shine down.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,

memorial day final.jpg

Learn more about Jesus, how He is God, and why it matters, here.

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