FRIENDS: I need your opinion!

Hi, Friends & Readers,

As many of you have seen, I end each blogpost with a list of prayer points– and link it to a “prayer sheet” made on Google Docs that you can go to, print out, and use (like this recent one).

I started completing those because I wanted to make your time of prayer better, especially if you tend to journal your prayers, like I sometimes do.

I have not gotten any input from you guys, about whether or not you use those prayer sheets. Even if only one person uses one once, I will continue creating them! But I need your honest input into whether or not they are useful to you guys, and whether or not I should continue using them. Any input, opinion, comments or questions would be very helpful! Please leave your comments below on if these prayer sheets prove useful to you. I want to continue to bless your relationships with Jesus, and further encourage prayer for the Chibok girls, Nigeria, and everything else I speak about on this blog.

As always, thank you for your prayers and support!

Annalee Hoover

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