Redeeming Time

“…The whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.”
(John 21:25b, NIV)

Dear Jesus,
You seemed to be so busy.
But not the way we see busy.
The Son of God, You
spent Your days with people,
with the Father,
doing the Father’s Will.

Be still,” You would say.
Removing people from shame and isolation,
You forgave. When it came to all sin debt,
You paid.

You are not a guru.
You rose from the grave.
And even Your death was not wasted,
not a second of those three days
was for nothing.

Isn’t it something?
I want to be more like You.
“Do more than I did, my child,”
You said.1
And then I feel my face turn red:
I have wasted many a moment
on me,
on sin,
on putting on chains marked
running to cisterns
filled with poisoned,
evaporating water.

Father, I don’t deserve to be Your Daughter!
Free me, Lord Jesus!
Help me to redeem the time
Make the most of every rhyme
–and mean it.

Annalee Hoover, 2018

1) John 14:12

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