Prayer in times of Persecution

Hi friends,

Today, in church, we talked about the worldwide persecuted church. In North Korea, approximately 50,000 people are incarcerated, simply for being a Christian.

That is 50,000 people, living in prison cells, away from those they love the most.
50,000 people, given little to no rights, for doing nothing more than loving and following their Savior.

And that is just in one country, alone. Thousands upon thousands in Northern Nigeria are being persecuted for being Christian; and it is this way in many places in the Middle East, as well as in China.

Watch the story of one woman who was persecuted in North Korea—and lived to tell about it– below.


Do we realize the gift we have in the freedom to publicly live for, follow, and love Jesus? This is not meant to be a guilt trip; but it is something we must think on. These people love Jesus—even when their family members are taken away, they are not treated with any justice, and they are starving and thirsty from malnutrition.

And their captors. Their captors are like the apostle Paul when he was still Saul—“breathing out murderous threats” toward all people who love and follow Jesus. What are we to do in such a time as this?

There is one thing that will make all the difference: We must pray.


As these people spend one more night in such conditions, let us lift them up in prayer, knowing that one day soon, Jesus will come back and wipe every tear from every eye of those who believe.

Do you know Jesus?

Out of anyone, it is Jesus Christ who suffered the absolute most, in every single way—all to save us and bring us to Him. Learn more about Jesus, what He did, and why it matters, here.

Please pray for….

Thank you for your prayers!!





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