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An Open Letter to Those Fighting Boko Haram

To the Men and Women Fighting Boko Haram:

Hello. My name is Annalee, and though we do not know each other, I felt it was important to write this letter to you right now.

Nigerian-Army-957x598Things are pretty scary. I know that recently, Boko Haram has put out a new propaganda video about how they defeated the Nigerian government in Kumshe, in Borno state, Nigeria. They have spent time, through making this video, trying to put fear into you. Unfortunately, they have largely succeeded—and I can understand why.

I get it, though I may never fully understand the fear. But it reminds me of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17), where the Israelites were going up against the Philistines and their giant soldier, Goliath.

Israel was petrified! But one person, David, had been prepared by God for the battle. He trusted that God was big enough, and hated Goliath for dishonoring the God of Israel.

This boy was probably a teen, and definitely wasn’t the size of Goliath. But He trusted and obeyed God and won out!

Satan was behind the evil of Goliath. He is similarly behind the evil of Boko Haram. But satan is NOTHING compared to our God. Just as I wrote in this post, our God is a BIG God—and as cliché as it sounds, it’s true: NOTHING is too much for Him!

May you, those in the Nigerian army who rightly so feel very demoralized and afraid, not give up, but look to Jesus. He is the God of David, defeating those who come against Him and His People.



Only Jesus saves; and you are being lifted up in prayer. May you see His Victory over Boko Haram soon.

Your Fellow Human Being,


In the biggest battle of all time, Jesus won. Learn more about Jesus, and about the biggest battle ever, here.

Please pray with me…

“Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank You for being the Sovereign God, who rules over all things. We pray now, Lord Jesus, over the Nigerian military and all those fighting Boko Haram. Please lift up their eyes to You and strengthen them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Protect them, and give them victory over Boko Haram. Thank You, Jesus.
In Jesus’ Name we pray,

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