Prayers for Chicago & The Watts Murder Case

The news around my home has been particularly grave, as of late. Christopher Watts, a man who seemed to be a loving husband and father of 3, murdered his pregnant wife and two children in August. Today in Colorado, he was given life in prison, plus some, for his crimes, and heard from his wife’s family as well as his own about how his callous, cold-blooded acts have ruined the lives of so many.

If this was not enough, there was a shooting today in Chicago, which killed at least two people, including the gunman, while at least two others were wounded. Both of these crimes were obviously ultimately propagated by satan; and tonight, I would like to pray for those being completely ruined by the evil acts of only a couple of people.

“Dear Lord Jesus,
Oh Lord God. Our hearts hurt tonight for those in Chicago, as well as for those affected by the acts of Christopher Watts. Dear Jesus, we ask that You would turn even these disgusting acts and make them for the good of those who love You (Genesis 50:20), as well as comforting, leading, and guiding those who are completely heartbroken.

Thank You, Jesus, for this.
In Your Name we pray,

Do you know Jesus?

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” (Genesis 50:20)

Learn more about the God who takes the worst of the worst, and turns them for the good, here.



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