Prayer for Christians in China

I am saddened to report that approximately 100 Christians have been arrested and detained by the Chinese government as of late. Early Rain Covenant Church, a Protestant underground church that has close to 500 worshippers, was seemingly shut down, with the pastors’ and deacons’ homes raided.

Church elder Li Yingqiang said of the raid, “Even if we are down to our last five, worship and gatherings will still go on because our faith is real.”

faith real

“Persecution is a price worth paying for the Lord. We would rather live through it than to hide our faith and we hope more Chinese churches will speak up and stand with us.”

The fervor and boldness of these brothers and sisters are cause for both gratitude and conviction here in the US, where we are much more free in being able to worship—but are not, at least for the majority of American Christians, as focused about sharing the Gospel as these persecuted Chinese Christians.


Let’s stand with our brothers and sisters in China, both in prayer and advocacy. Please pray along with me as the situation in China seems to be only getting worse and worse; let’s pray that the churches there are given the grace and strength needed to continue to gather together and evangelize.

Dear Lord Jesus,
We are thankful for our brothers and sisters in China. We ask now that You would protect them, lead the, and guide them as to how to move forward in this time. Give them courage to do Your Will, Lord Jesus, and may they shine brightly for You.
We thank You for this, Jesus. Maranatha- please come back soon.
In Jesus’ Name we pray,

Do you kow Jesus?

Learn about the God these people worship, what He has done, and why it matters, here.

Please pray for…

Thank you for your prayers!!!

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