Four days. We have four days until the government shuts down, unless an agreement is made across party lines for the US budget. Trump wants a wall; the democrats do not.

No matter what you believe or how you see this, this dissension in the US is real, and must be prayed for. Please join me in prayer over our nation, our presidents, and those in power.

Dear Lord Jesus,
You alone are the God who is in control. As you think and purpose, so it will stand (Isaiah 14:24).
Dear Jesus, please lead and guide President Trump and all those in power to make wise decisions that affect so many people. Bring our nation back to You, and lead and guide us as we trust in You.
We thank You for this, Lord Jesus.
In Jesus’ Name I pray,

Let’s continue to entrust our nation to Jesus, and trust in Him in whatever happens. Despite the chaos, He is in control!



Jesus is the King of Kings, and the Prince of Peace. Learn more about Jesus, and just how in control He is, here.

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