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Praise Report: Christmas is made an official holiday in Iraq!

I am more than happy to announce that Christmas has become an official holiday in Iraq

Christians in Iraq (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images, found in the article at FaithWire.com)

(source)! Christians in the majority Muslim population can now celebrate Christ’s birth!

In such a place where it can sometimes be difficult, and even deadly, to be a Christian, this is welcome progress! But it could also anger many Muslims who believe that Christians don’t deserve to live, much less celebrate their Savior.

satan is not happy about this, and I am sure he will do all he possibly can to rip away this amazing gift. Please pray with me, giving thanks to Jesus for this victory, and for protection over these brothers and sisters as they now celebrate Christ in the years ahead!

“Dear Lord Jesus,
We thank You for coming down to earth and humbling Yourself as a man, all so that we could be saved from our sin! We thank You that our brothers and sisters can now celebrate Your birth officially, as acknowledged by their government.
We pray now that they would be able to have Joy, Peace, and Safety as they celebrate Your birth now and in the days ahead.
May more Muslims come to faith in You because of this, Jesus!

In Jesus’ Name we pray,

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus came to earth, and died the most horrific death possible, so that you and I could come to know Him and be saved from going to hell. Learn more about Jesus, what He did, and what it matters, here.

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