Prayer for Leah Torres

Hi Readers,

I found this horrific news story online, and I had to share. Leah Torres, a doctor who does abortions, said that babies usually cannot scream “because she cuts their cords first.” While it is unknown on if she means umbilical, spinal, or vocal cords, it is horrid.

This is part of the fight I was speaking about here. What she is doing is demonic in nature. Let us pray against the enemy, and that Doctor Torres would realize what she is doing.

“Dear Lord Jesus,
Our hearts are broken at the sound of what happens to these beautiful little babies. We pray in Your Name that Dr. Torres would realize what she is doing—and would stop giving abortions. More than anything, Jesus, bring her to know You.

In Jesus’ Name we pray,

Let’s continue to pray. Thank you, friends!


Christ sees these children as precious. Learn more about Christ, and what He has done, here.

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