Insights from Pastor Keion Henderson: “The Pressure of Being Gifted”

Hey Friends,

Today, I watched a video from Elevations Church, where guest Pastor Keion Henderson spoke on what felt like many different topics (the full sermon video is below).

In all he was speaking about, the main theme was “The Pressure of Being Gifted.” There were two things that really spoke to my heart that I would like to share and be honest about.

One thing he said was at 12:30 was, “all things work together for the good of them who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose… every valley has a purpose, every mountain has a purpose… God will use everything in your life to put you where He wants you to be.”

This struck me. It’s a biblical truth I’ve believed with my mind, but with my heart, my soul? Not so much. To be honest with all of you—and I have mentioned this before, but I can’t remember in which post—I have battled social anxiety stemming from the deep fear of throwing up, especially in public.


I have asked Jesus to take it from me. I have asked even that He would cause me to somehow throw up in hopes that the fear would go away. I have promised family that I wouldn’t force myself to, because I don’t want to hurt my body in such a way, and so I have struggled with it.

In light of this, coupled with the words of Pastor Keion, I feel conflicted. Will this ever go away? And how is God using it? I have seen how faithful He’s been through it, over and over again; and I can see that as just one way Jesus is using this fear. But if I am honest, it’s something I don’t want, something I would never ask for—just like the thorn in the flesh that Paul had in 2 Corinthians 12.

Guys, I only bring this up because I would like prayer and support for this. It is no longer debilitating, and Jesus has been showing me that it is a LIE that satan is bullying me with! But I ask my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to lift me up even more.

Don’t Give Up

There was one more thing I felt led to bring up from his sermon. In it, He spoke a prophetic word at around 25:00: “Keep on going, keep on driving. I know that it has been frustrating, and painstaking… but keep on. You are almost there, and God is going to do something great in your life!” This was amazing encouragement, as I have been praying for the Chibok girls, Leah, and the entire climate in Nigeria for close to 5 years now. It renewed my hope, and greatly encouraged me to not lose the vision Jesus gave me for this blog all the way back in August of 2014.

keep on

Jesus is working, and moving, and HE is MIGHTY TO SAVE. I pray that this sermon encourages you and reminds you of this, as well!

Trust Jesus, and cling to His cloak. Love you, friends, family, and readers!

In Christ Jesus,

Do you know Jesus?

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Please pray for…

If you or someone you know needs prayer, I would LOVE to pray for you. You can reach me at this contact page. We are here to lift eachother up!

Thank you for all your prayers!!!

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