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Your Song to Sing

“Here we are now, entertain us,” I hear the hardcore punk song demand. Heads are banging. Drums are being smashed to bits by their drummers as a mass of people rock out.

I enjoy this song and the performance, bobbing my head like all of the others. And then I remember Kurt Cobain.
The person who sang these lyrics out killed himself.

Kurt Cobain, singer of 90’s rock band Nirvana. Photo credit to SPIN.

All of a sudden, I hear this song differently. I look past the song, and obviously view what the end of the line looks like for the man who sings out these words as complete truth.

A world of chaos. Darkness. Loneliness. Pain. Death.

Please don’t get me wrong—I am not one of those people who insists that rock music is of the devil. All I am saying is this: Your life, whether you know it or not, is a song for everyone else to hear. From complete strangers to your closest friends, there are things that people will remember about you.


It’s okay to get rowdy. Yet, as I sit here, writing out this post, I am convicted by one question: Everyone’s song is different. Is your song one that worships self, or worships Jesus?

I’d like to say it always worships Jesus… but the truth of the matter is, a lot of the time I make it about me.

My style.
My agenda.
Me, me, me.
Jesus calls us to do differently.


As I sit here looking at Kurt Cobain’s work, I am reminded that I, too have a song to sing.
It is a song that I want to use to glorify the One who has saved me. A song that brings all who hear it closer and closer to Jesus. I may not get it all right; in fact, much of it is wrong.

But that is where God’s grace comes in. I can only sing out this song that glorifies Jesus by grace, through faith—not by works of my own, so that I may boast (Ephesians 2:8-9).

It is by grace that I have been saved; and it is by grace that I sing. I pray the same for you, my readers, too.

How is your relationship with Jesus? What kind of “song” is your life singing? If you want to comment below on it, go ahead! I love conversation.

***This post is a tribute to a beautiful song created by Jasper Sea. These men are making music that glorifies Christ. Find them at this link: https://www.facebook.com/FranklinGraham/videos/520051155183624/ ***

Do you know Jesus?
Jesus lived the perfect life—and sang the perfect song—so that we would not have to. Learn more about grace, and how Jesus brings it, here.

Please pray for (you can find the prayer sheet here)…

Thank you for your prayers!!!

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