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Remembering Rachel Held Evans


Rachel Held Evans was a liberal Christian theologian who wrote many different books about the Christian faith. According to FaithWire, she passed away on May 4th after suffering seizures and brain swelling from an allergic reaction. She leaves behind her husband and two children.

Rachel Held Evans,

Though I disagreed with many of your beliefs, you are indeed a sister in Christ. We will miss you, but we know that you are seeing Jesus face to face. We cannot wait to see you in heaven. Thank You Jesus for the gift Rachel was and has been to everyone who knows her and knows of her.

With Love in Christ,


This just reminds me of how frail we are, and how death can happen at any point in time or place. May we use the time Jesus has given us to share Him with the world and live life with Him abundantly. Learn more about Jesus, and how you can do these things, here. ❤

Please pray for Rachel’s family, friends, and all those who have been affected by her passing. Thank you.


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