The Importance of Loving People

I scroll through Facebook. Looking through people’s and organizations’ pages, I am filled with a bit of sadness—and I can’t pinpoint why.

Until I realize: it is that, for all of this community/people-watching, I feel alone.

I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. This blog post is not just going to be about bashing social media, because it really can help connect people… it’s just used in the wrong way.

I look at news stories about malnourished children in third-world countries, who are used to the aching feeling in their stomachs. The only way they’re alive? Through the action of doctors and nurses, slowly feeding and watching over them.

Whether it’s children who are in need of food, or people in need of community, it’s true: we need people. No man is an island.

thomas-tucker-175462-unsplash (1)

If you’re like me, you can spend time asking Jesus for all the answers… then feel discouraged as no real answer seems to come. But if I have learned anything, it is this: While Jesus can use any type of communication to communicate to His People (especially His Word), He uses His People on a daily basis to bless His Children.

He uses Godly people to pour into our lives, if only we let them.
And He uses His Children to pay for, and be apart of, the programs that will keep children and their families alive.

People. Are. Important. So here is my question for you: How can you love those around you with Jesus’ Love this week? Who in your life needs to know that they are seen, known, and cared for?

helena-lopes-459331-unsplash (1)

They are out there. Jesus, use us!

Feel led to love by giving? If you want to donate to some solid nonprofits, you can go here.

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus left Heaven to save sinners. His Love changes everything. Learn about the Hope found in Jesus, here.

Please pray for (find the prayer sheet here):

  • Those suffering in third world countries, including those in Nigeria and Yemen.
  • Those around you who need to know the Love and Hope of Jesus. Pray about how Jesus would have you love and share the Gospel with them.
  • The governments in such third world countries, that infrastructure would improve.

Thank you for your prayers!!!



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