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More Good News…

I scroll and scroll through the news pertaining to Nigeria and West Africa, and all I see is violence. Sadly, this is the norm; it is hard to find good news from that part of the world.

Honestly, I have grown weary of writing here, on this blog. Bad news after bad news– the rain keeps pouring and it seems to not be able to stop. Governor Shettima seems to agree with this notion. According to reports, Shettima has complained that Boko Haram has gotten much attention, while the Nigerian military’s victories have not been covered as much.

I agree. There is a lot of bad. But I am determined to find the good in the bad. I am determined to hold onto the Hope of Jesus, even amidst such darkness and bad news. And I want to share more good news on here from now on.

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Because through the storm, Jesus is Lord of all– and that is something to celebrate.

Learn more about Jesus, and His Good News, here.

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