“God’s Garage”: Giving Love & Serving Others

Amidst all the bad news, it is hard to find and hold onto the good. That is why I absolutely love this story.

According to FaithWire, a man started a nonprofit, fixing up old, broken cars and giving them to women and mothers in need. Think of it: He is spending time, energy, and money to serve the marginalized in his community. And he is doing it all out of love.

If you tried something knowing that you were going to succeed, what would you do? What is that dream Jesus has placed in your heart? How would you give your life away?

As you go through the rest of your day today, please keep this idea– and prayers for this man– in mind. May we be people who fiercely live for Jesus and shine out His Love.

God Loved this world– and so, He gave. Learn more about the One He gave, and how you can know Him, here.

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