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Our God is Not a Cosmic Killjoy

Today, our church explored the amazing truth that God is a God of “Righteous Partying”– a God who, as shown by the many feasts and celebrations mandated in the Old Testament, loves to celebrate. I wrote this piece as a reflection on that. I hope you enjoy!

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Our God is not a cosmic killjoy,
of that I can attest.
He is a God of delight, of compassion, of beauty,
A joyous God of rest.

I saw the tears in her eyes,
and right then I wanted to say:
“Friend, this is not your battle to handle;
He’s fighting each step of the way.”

Can’t we just dance?
Celebrate the God who came down to meet us,
came to give new starts–

Finally, to breathe a breath of fresh air,
knowing that it’s not all on me.
That He died and did all that was needed,
So that He could set me free.

Celebrate! The time has come
not for rejoicing in the pain,
but for putting our Hope in Him,
and His Love,
which will always remain.

© 2019 Annalee Hoover

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