A Solemn Reminder: The Tragic Helicopter Crash in NY

In case you haven’t heard, a helicopter crashed into a building near Times Square in New York today, killing the helicopter pilot. This tragedy is not being called an act of terrorism, but rather an accident.

Yet, to so many who witnessed the 9/11 terrorist attacks, as well as those who lost their loved ones in 9/11, cannot help but be shaken by this solemn reminder.

I can only imagine the bad memories this gives so many involved in 9/11… just when one thinks they are making progress and living a relatively normal life after such trauma, something like this can set people off, causing fear and unwanted memories floating to the surface.

In times such as this, let’s pray for those who have been affected by this helicopter crash—and those who have been reminded of the similar tragedy of 9/11. I’m sure they need the support. ❤

Learn more about Jesus, the God of All Comfort, and what He did for you, here.


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