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“Freedom is Not a Lost Cause”

Hi friends.

I hope you all are well.

Last night, I found myself praying. It was difficult for it to not be an angry prayer.
Because 5 years and 2 months ago, the Chibok girls were kidnapped.
Many have been freed, but I sat there praying over those who are still in captivity, after an excruciating 5 years. How are they doing? Do they have families now? Are they as safe as a person can be in captivity?

And most importantly: have they lost all hope of ever being freed?

Honestly, I was angry with Jesus. “What’s the hold up, Lord?” was my cry, as I conveniently forgot about how much Jesus has already done in the lives of these young women.

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My prayer was this: “Please, show us where they are. Give us something.”

And then today, I opened up this article in my email, reporting that Boko Haram had freed a female corps member.

“[The release] is an outcome of a preliminary level negotiation involving the state government, the Kalthum Foundation for Peace, a non- governmental organisation with intermediary negotiation with the leadership of the terror group handled by a prominent investigative journalist with critical access. …The state government states that the step is in line with its desire to work with strategic partners to open lines of communication with the insurgents as a means of freeing several non- combatant captives of the terror groups.” — PM News Nigeria

I read this, and I can’t help but think, as tears of joy fill my eyes: “Could this be how they are freed?”

Perhaps. I’m not one to try to put Jesus in a box. But friends, it gave me hope. It was like Jesus was saying, “Freedom is not a lost cause.”

And so I will sit. I will pray. I will continue to advocate for these women, and live to bring glory to Jesus. Because freedom—the freedom our Jesus is all about— is not a lost cause. May we pray for these women with that truth in mind. ❤

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Do you know Jesus?

2,000 years ago, God stepped down out of heaven to pay the price for sins He did not commit. Learn more about the amazing love of Jesus Christ, and what it has to do with you, here.

Please pray for (you can find the prayer sheet here):

Thank you for your prayers!

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