Human Trafficking in Our Own Backyard

Human trafficking is much more prevalent than we have ever seen before. We would like to think that it only happens in third world countries, far away from our own neighborhoods… but unfortunately, that is not the reality of the situation.

Take the arrest of a pimp named Josh Hensley, for example. He was arrested for “attempted pimping and patronizing a prostitute,” as WestWord reported. Apparently, he was working in a women’s correctional facility in Colorado, where he tried to recruit many of the women as prostitutes once they were out. This news, like so many other stories, shows us that the evils of human trafficking are right in our own backyard.

Jesus did not turn away from the corruption happening in the world. He took the initiative to speak to those who were marginalized and looked down upon. Even the Woman at the Well—a scandalous woman who was known for having many ex-husbands and another man she was living with—was intentionally sought out by Jesus, so that she might know Him as the Messiah (John 4).

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Instead of turning a blind eye to what we see all around us, let’s pray. Let’s pray for these women, as they are being lured into, and bombarded with, evil all around them daily. Let’s pray for their families and friends. And perhaps most of all, let’s pray that these vicious cycles of abuse, greed, and evil are put to a stop. May the local churches step up and help those who are vulnerable to get back on their feet. May we be the shining, loving light of Christ, to those who feel trapped and do not know real love.

Do you know Jesus?

Even if you find that you don’t fit in, you are precious to God—so much so that He came to earth to die for your sins. Learn more about Jesus, and His Love for you, here.

Please pray for (find the prayer sheet here)…

Thank you for your prayers!!


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