“Beneath the Tamarind Tree”: Telling the Story of the Chibok Girls & Leah Sharibu

Hi friends. I have good news!

A CNN reporter, Isha Sesay, has been following the Chibok girls and Leah Sharibu’s stories for a very long time, and she has just published a book on the girls called “Beneath the Tamarind Tree.”

tamarind treeFor many of you who have been following this blog for some time, it has been my heart to tell the stories of these young women, to keep them in the limelight, and to continue to pray and advocate for their freedom. According to Sesay, the book’s purpose is to “humanize” the girls, so that they are not just mere “headlines”—something that this blog completely agrees with.

The Nigerian government has also praised the book, though it disagrees with some of its details.

I hope to be getting my hands on her book relatively soon and may do a book review or something of that nature. I am excited to read the book and see how Sesay tells the true stories of each of these young women. May they never be forgotten!

You can get the book via Amazon here.

Jesus cares about each one of us passionately—so passionately that He died on the cross for our sins! Learn about what this means for you, personally, here.

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