A Review of “Die Empty” by Myles Munroe

Tonight, I was led to watch an amazing sermon from Pastor Myles Munroe called “Die Empty.” The title was foreboding; yet, his words (which ended up being his last sermon before he died) could be no more apt than now, as I live day to day life.

He spoke of how cemeteries are the richest places on the earth: rich with poetry never written, songs never played, and dreams never realized and brought about… and it spoke about how we, as people, are full of potential placed within us by God Himself.

Some of his lines of thought were hard to understand at times, but I came away from this sermon knowing that the time is short; I must dream the dreams that Jesus dreams, and bring to realization the desires and goals He has put within my heart.

I want to die emptied of these dreams, plans, and goals, knowing I lived a full life.
I want to, as the Apostle Paul said, “be poured out like a drink offering.”
Jesus, use me for Your Glory. Place in me Your Dreams. Let me live becoming more and more the person you want me to be… and let me, as Pastor Munroe said, “die empty.”

You can listen to the full sermon here.

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus came to this earth knowing exactly what His Heavenly Father desired He do; He came here with a purpose, to save you and I and all people. Learn more about Jesus, and His Mission as the God-Man, here.


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