To Give One’s Life for One’s Friends

He stood before the people, giving dismal, daunting news to those listening. “In total more than 37 aid workers have lost their lives in service of humanity since the beginning of the conflict,” Mr. Peter Ekayu, United Nations Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Activities (UN-OCHA), said.

Part of the United Nations, Ekayu pleaded for humanitarian aid workers to be freed from Boko Harm and other terrorist groups. These aid workers are not spoken about by news stations, yet are a huge part of the instability in West Africa, especially Nigeria. Many of these aid workers are women. These brave, resilient women chose to enter a place filled with strife and terrorism—many of them dying in the field.

A thought comes to my mind: What were the motives for these women? What could cause a person to risk violence, rape, and even death to help the helpless in a war-torn nation? It reminds me of the ultimate dedication and sacrifice had by Jesus.  

Christ left the ultimate joy of being with the Father to enter our sin-filled, sorrowful, violent, lost world. He did not just stand as an aid or a guru though; no. Instead, He took on the sin debt we could never pay, and made us right with God—giving us abundant life, and ultimately, eternal life.

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I think of these ladies, and I think of Jesus. Let’s pray that they would know Him, and that He would protect, guide, and use them in some of the darkest places in the world.

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus entered this world because of His great Love for you. Learn more about Jesus, and all that He did for you, here.

Please pray for (the prayer sheet is here):

 Thank you for your prayers.

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