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Remembering 9/11

It is with a somber heart that I write this post today. Though I was small when 9/11 occurred, I still remember my mom’s panic as she came to pick me up early from school.

That was 18 years ago. So much has changed; and yet, so much hasn’t. Terrorism in the US is still a thing, and our country is still not 100% solid when it comes to security.

But, there is hope: Jesus is still on the throne. He was on the throne when 9/11 first occurred, allowing it for His own purposes that we may not understand. Nothing was a shock to Him; nothing scared Him. As people died, His heart broke, and He mourned with those who mourn.


This 9/11, let’s remember that no matter what terrorism, or satan (who is truly behind all of this terrorism and mass murder) is doing, Jesus still reigns– and He always will. We can trust and rely upon Him because of that, knowing that HE WINS. ❤

Do you know Jesus?

God came to this messy, painful earth 2,000 years ago. Learn more about Jesus, why He came for us, and why it matters, here.

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