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6 Amazing Things about Nigeria

In celebration of Nigeria’s Independence Day (October 1st, 1960), I just want to say that while there is a lot of corruption in the country, Nigeria has it’s beautiful and positive things about it, just like any other country. Here are a list of some wonderful things about Nigeria:

  1. The strength of the faith of Christians in Nigeria. These people have undergone some of the most horrific attacks, yet many still hold fast to confessing Jesus as their Lord and Savior, no matter what that brings. I don’t know if I could do such a thing, and I so admire these persecuted brothers and sisters for not only staying strong, but also trying to live their lives as fully as they can despite such violence.
  2. Their wedding practices. Watch this; it’ll speak for itself.
  3. The way they express joy. Have you ever seen a Nigerian wedding or celebration? They sing, they dance and dance and dance with each other. They are not afraid to express their emotions, especially ones of pure joy.
    You can see a Nigerian celebration of some of the Chibok girls coming home here.
  4. Their music in general. A lot of their music includes western influence, but there is some more “purely” Nigerian music out there, and it is also very beautiful and telling of their culture. Like this song, for instance!
  5. How families and communities are formed. Countries and their Cultures reports that many ethnic groups in Nigeria see educating a child as the entire community’s duty. These communities are usually very tight-knit, with everyone knowing everyone.
A woman in Nigeria cradling a child with many nearby.

6. Their way of dressing. They usually wear bright colored, patterned dresses and opulent geles, or headwear, especially in times of celebration and parties.

Everyday dress for middle-upper class Nigerian women.

While I have never been to Nigeria myself, the things I have read about and seen have interested me greatly.

While there is heartbreak in this nation, there is also beauty. Let’s praise Jesus for that!



Do you know Jesus?
No matter our culture or background, we are SO Loved by Jesus. Learn about His Love for us, here.

As Nigeria has celebrated it’s 59th anniversary of being a nation, please pray with me for revival and Christ’s Hand of Blessing on the nation as they seek Him! You can find the prayer sheet for this post here.



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