“‘Narratives” (and Lies)’”: A Poem

Hi friends,
I wanted to share a piece of poetry I have recently done. I read an article from The Nation called “Boko Haram war narratives,” which dives into how how many leaders in Nigeria, and those who see over the war against BH (Boko Haram), are claiming that the fight against BH is “technically” over. I have written about this “news” before. The many “narratives” told by so many, from people on social media, to those in the Nigerian government, are telling different stories. In the midst of this, I want to know the truth… here is my plea. I hope it resonates, and causes you to pray over such corruption.

Lies. Conjured up
good news
to share with the grieving
and dying.

“We have defeated them,”
He says,
as women and children
wrap themselves in a black flag
for warmth.

No, good sir. No.
The fight is not over.
The fight will never be over,
not until the innocents
are release, captives free,
real guns taken out of the hands
of a boy who should only know
what a fake gun should feel like.

Narratives, narratives, narratives:
what is the truth?! Their lack of education,
the burning down of churches?
Hundreds in hijabs;
“convert or you will die.”
They ride into the jungle…
all they can do is cry.

But their mouths are muffled.
Who will speak?
Not the one proclaiming glory, no,
but the ones with hearts full for the weak.

The war is not over
and your crooked narrative cannot twist reality.
Please let out the truth,
and fight, fight, fight, by prayer,
and by might!!!


© Annalee Hoover, 2019

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