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What to Be Thankful For this Halloween

Did you know that, as of now, 200 million girls have had their genitals mutilated worldwide? In Nigeria, most of those mutilations occur between ages 1-4, but young women up to over 15 years old have had it done (source).
Some women have barely obtained the right to drive a car in some countries.

Why does any of this extremely sad stuff matter?

Because here, in the United States—as full of problems as we may be—are not nearly as unfortunate and belittling towards women as other places in the world.

To be honest, sometimes I feel like we take these rights extremely for granted. We berate those who have different, “less tolerant” opinions against the constitution, remembering that the reason we have the right to open our mouths and speak is because men came together and sought freedom from those who dare silence them.

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Tonight, women are taken from their homes in Niger. Forced marriages and acid burns are being received in other third world countries, senseless violence towards women perpetrated by domineering men.

All I am saying is this: as women in the United States, with much yet to fight for, I would argue that we are extremely blessed. On this Halloween, let’s remember that so many before and around us are going through some extremely terrifying stuff. May we be people who are thankful—people who are cognizant of just how free we are, and thank God for that freedom. Because, without these things, life could look a lot scarier.

Happy Halloween, friends. Stay safe—and enjoy the candy and festivities with thanks!

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Please pray for…

Thank you for all your prayers.

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