Psalm 94 & The Chibok Girls

Today, I read Psalm 94 in the The Passion Translation (TPT), and many parts of it were very relevant the situation with the Chibok girls. Here it is:

Listen to them bragging among themselves,
big in their own eyes, all because of the crimes
they’ve committed against your people!
See how they’re crushing those who love you, God,
cruelly oppressing those who belong to you.
heartlessly they murder the widows, the foreigners,

and even the orphaned children.
They say to themselves, ‘The Lord God doesn’t see this.
Their God, the God of Jacob, he doesn’t even care!’

God isn’t hard of hearing; he’ll hear all their cries.
God isn’t blind. He who made the eye has superb vision
and he’s watching all you do.

For the Lord will never walk away from his cherished ones,
nor would he forsake his chosen ones who belong to him.

It’s obvious to all; you will have nothing to do
with corrupt rulers who pass laws that empower evil
and defeat what is right.
For they gang up against the lovers of righteousness
and condemn the innocent to death.
But I know that all their evil plans will boomerang back onto them.

Every plot they hatch will simply seal their own doom.
For you, my God, you will destroy them,
giving them what they deserve.
For you are my true tower of strength,
my safe place, my hideout, and my true shelter.”

As the Chibok girls– and so many others who are currently oppressed and held captive by Boko Haram– remain in their bondage, this Psalm gives me hope: that God sees, hears, and deeply, deeply cares for those who are being oppressed, held captive, and murdered.

Nothing is new under the sun; but it is Christ who rules and reigns forever. Let this bring you relief! He is compassionate, kind, and powerful.

Friend, in your life, Jesus is the God who will mete out justice and revenge, not you. May you rest in the fact that Christ is your Advocate (1 John 2:1), and that He is going to turn all things right for both you and the Chibok girls.

In Christ,
Annalee H.

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