The Song of Cameroon’s Christians

“Moskota village has become the scene of the agonies of Boko Haram.
Only the dead, only the displaced;
Only ghost villages, shops ransacked and emptied;
Only health centres plundered and looted;
Only cattle taken away; empty buildings.
Boko Haram struck – our founder Pastor Mokoni paid the price.
And when a pastor falls in Africa doesn’t that mean anything?
Only … emptiness.”

This is the song many Christians in Cameroon are singing together. In the past month, Boko Haram has almost completely ravaged different towns and villages in Cameroon, according to Barnabas Fund. At least eight people have died, if not many more; 21 children were kidnapped.

I don’t think anyone in the west can understand the depth of suffering and pain these people are going through. Their song expresses exactly how they feel… ravaged. Forgotten. Empty. What does a person do when their entire lives have been turned upside down and ripped apart because of their love for Jesus Christ?

I’m trying to wrap my head around this depth of sorrow, but I just can’t. Our brothers and sisters are undergoing literal hell on earth… what are we to do?

black box (1).jpg

We can pray, first, and we can try to help via donations.

Please, please spend some time with me, praying over our brothers and sisters in Cameroon, especially those suffering at the hands of Boko Haram. Though we cannot understand their pain, we can lift them to the One who knows perfectly.

Do you know Jesus?

People all over the world are dying for their faith in Jesus Christ. Learn more about who Jesus is, and what His Gospel is, here.

Please pray for (find the prayer sheet here):

 ***ways to donate straight to the situation in Cameroon include donating to Barnabas Fund here, a nonprofit I respect and trust.***

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