Prayer this Holiday Season

This Christmas Eve, 7 people were killed by Islamic militants in Nigeria, and one young girl was kidnapped by the group (source).

If this were not enough, approximately 1,000 people were murdered by Boko Haram in Nigeria in 2019 alone (source).

This holiday season, I am asking you to please take some time out of your very busy schedule, and spend it in prayer over these horrific acts– and those the acts have left behind to grieve. May those who are mourning run to Jesus, and allow Him to restore them and redeem them from this heartbreak; and may He fight Boko Haram for His people as they go out to battle this terrorist group. We know that, in the end, only He can. Just as Deuteronomy 33 says:

black box (1).jpg

Happy Holidays, friends. Jesus is faithful, and He always wins.

In Him,


Do you know Jesus?

This world is full of chaos, sorrow, and fear… yet still, Jesus, the Christ (Messiah), came to earth to save us and heal us from our sin. Learn more about the Hope found in Christ here.

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