Prayer for the Fires in Australia

The fires in Australia have claimed 25 lives and may go on for months, according to NPR. These people are needing to leave all they know to stay alive.

As we go about our normal days, let’s please keep Australia and those affected by these fires in our prayers!

May Jesus hear our prayers, listen to the cries of these people, and help & equip those fighting the fires with all they need.

Please pray with me:

“Dear Lord Jesus,
You are God over all that is happening, and nothing shocks You. Nothing is too big for You, Jesus, and so we pray now that You would stop these wildfires and rescue those who find themselves in the midst of the fires. We give these people to You; help the worldwide and local Church aid those who needed it. May these people come close to You and not go away from You.
In Jesus’ Name we pray,


Psalm 57.1

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