Signs of the End-Times (with video link)

There have been terrorist attacks, wildfires, and other natural disasters. The world doesn’t just seem to be getting worse; it is getting worse.

Many people are panicking. Others are fatalistic, stoic in their predictions that the world is a chaotic mess and always will be. Quite honestly, these people are correct. But that is not why I am writing this blogpost.

As a Believer in Christ, reading Revelation (the last book of the Bible) tells us exactly what will take place—and those things are taking place as we speak.

A pastor I know has done a sermon directly on what many call “The End Times,” where he expounds on where we are at eschatology wise (eschatology is the study of the end times), and encourages people to really know what they believe regarding the rapture and other end-times events. You can find the video here.

As Pastor Jeff says, speaking of the end times should not scare the Christian, but comfort and sober-up the Christian. May we always be looking toward Christ, doing our best to do His Will as we wait for Him to come back.

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus has already come to earth once, and He is coming again. He came first to save the world. Learn more about Jesus and why He came to save us, here.

Please pray for (find the prayer sheet here):

Thank you for your prayers!!!

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