Pray for the Release of Lawan Andimi!

Please pray for Rev Lawan Andimi’s release!!!

The reverend, who is apart of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), was abducted on January 3rd from the town of Michika, Nigeria, according to Christianity Today. A video has been released of his cries for help, but Andimi also stated in the video that “he is not discouraged ‘because all conditions [in which one] finds himself is in the hands of God’.” He also asked those watching to ultimately not worry. (You can find some of the video of Andimi here).

This man is a courageous man of God. Please help me pray for him, for his soon safe release, and for his family, loved ones, and congregation. Thank you!!!

Pray with me:
Dear Lord Jesus,
I pray that You would show us, the watching world, where Lawan is, so that he might be rescued and saved. No matter what, we know that You are in complete control, and that Lawan is Your Precious Son. Hold his family right now, and hold and encourage the church he pastors. Please bring him home safely, Jesus.
In Your Name we pray,

Do you know Jesus?

This man has been imprisoned for loving his Savior, Christ Jesus. Learn more about Jesus, and all He has done, here.

Please pray for (find the prayer sheet here):

Thank you for your prayers.

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