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This Must Stop: Terrorism in Kenya

According to CNN, On Monday, in the middle of the night, 3 teachers were killed in Northeastern Kenya by Al-Shabaab, a terrorist group related to Boko Haram.

If that was not enough, four children were shot dead in a nearby community last week.

Here, in the US, I am about to go back to school… and reading these news headlines, I am filled with a mix of sadness and gratefulness, knowing that my school is relatively secure, and the place I live in, free of experiencing consistent hell at the hands of terrorists.

This must stop. We must pray fervently for these people, who are tortured daily, especially for being Christian. We must pray for a stronger, motivated military; a fair and proactive government; but most of all, we must pray that Jesus would use His Church (worldwide and local) to stop this barbaric treatment of people.

Please pray with me over this:

“Dear Jesus,
You alone can change and lift up the oppression these people are going through. You alone know the cries of their hearts. We pray, in Your Name, that You would heal those hurt, bring together those who are broken, lift up those brought low, and end the torture that muslim terrorists bring. They need You, dear Jesus; use us, Your Church, to love and help these people, and to be Your Hands and Feet.
It is in Your Precious Name we pray,

***I am looking into how one can practically help those in Kenya going through this, and have found Aid for Africa. If you know of any other organizations that help Kenya, let me know!***

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Do you know Jesus?

Each of these people involved are precious to Christ; He died for us all. Learn more about Jesus and His Love, here.

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