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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, friends!

So many people today have taken to the streets to celebrate this great man’s life; those who advocate for social change revere him highly. And for good reason: this pastor and social activist, led by the Truth that all humans are made in God’s Image (Genesis 1:27), was unafraid to do Jesus’ will in making people of all colors equal in society. This man of courage and change should be honored, especially since he cared about sanctity of  all life (source).

May we look past the politics of the day, similarly inciting only anger and rage, and may we remember who has come before us in compassionate action. May we learn from people like MLK Jr.!

Do you know Jesus?

Pastor Martin Luther King was inspired by the Gospel and led by God to create needed social change, but He did nothing in comparison to what Christ, who is God, did for all humanity. Learn more about Jesus and the Gospel here.

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