Prayer Over the Harvey Weinstein Case

“It was loving,” his attorneys stated. In the court case, Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys tried to make the rapes and assaults he is accused of look consensual.

While he is innocent until proven guilty, there are too many women accusing this man of rape. This is too big of a deal for him to just get a smack on the hands– and I hope justice is not perverted by bribery. Will you pray with me over this case, that whatever the truth is, it would become apparent? Justice must be served.

Please pray with me:

“Dear Jesus,
You know exactly what has happened in all of these horrific cases. Weinstein may be able to trick a jury (and we hope he doesn’t), but he cannot trick You, and vengeance is Yours (Romans 12:19). Please have Your Hand heavily upon this entire trial, and bring about Justice, Lord Jesus.
We pray all of this in Your Name, Jesus.


Do you know Jesus?

God is One of Grace and Mercy– a God who knew we could not reach perfection or save ourselves, so He, Himself came to Earth to do what we could not do. Learn more about the Gospel, and what Jesus has done for all of us, here.

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