Update on Nigerian Pastor Lawan Andimi

As heartbroken as I am, I have to update you guys about Pastor Lawan Andimi. As of January 21st, it has been reported by Christianity Today that Pastor Lawan Andimi was executed by those who took him captive. He said he was not afraid of death, because “Jesus is still alive.”

As I struggle with the idea that God had other plans than freeing him here on earth, I am crying bittersweet tears, knowing that He is now rid of captivity and pain, in God’s very Presence.

Please pray with me for his family and friends, as well as the congregation he shepherded. Thank you.

Do you know Jesus?

Our brother Lawan was so committed to Jesus that he faced death knowing he would be okay. Knowing Jesus is not just religion; it is a personal relationship with Him. Learn more about the God Pastor Andimi loved and served, here.

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