The Coronavirus: Trusting Jesus in a Scary World

People, lying in hospital beds. Men and women in sterile hazmat suits taking care of those who are ill. This is how Wuhan, China has been under the attack of a formidable enemy: the coronavirus.

As of this posting, NPR has reported that over 100 people have died from the virus. 4,515 people, up from 2,835 on Monday, reportedly have the illness. Airports and points of national borders are now screening people for the virus.

All of this is very scary; I think we all feel that on some level. But before my heart gets to racing too quickly over the thought of this spreading and ruining even more lives, I remember that Jesus said this was going to happen. He said:

“There will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences. And there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.”
(Luke 21:11, ESV)

The word “pestilences” spoken here literally mean “plagues” (source). Jesus knew that these horrendous things—from wildfires to earthquakes, to this coronavirus—would happen.

I may not know what will happen in the future with this plague of sorts. One thing I do know: Jesus, the Ultimate Savior, tells me to trust Him with tomorrow.

black box (4)

So, no matter the foreboding darkness surrounding this virus, I can trust in my God, the God who is completely sovereign over it all. And that, as I step into tomorrow, fills me with comfort—and courage.

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus knows our tomorrow, and He wants us to know Him today. Learn more about Jesus, and how He is our only Savior, here.

Please pray for (find the prayer sheet here):

Thank you for your prayers.


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