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A Star in the Dark: For Fatima Babagana

Fatima Babagana. Courtesy CNN

Hi friends. 

Tonight, I just wanted to highlight the loss of just one precious life among many in Northern Nigeria. 

Her name is Fatima Babagana. Just 19 years old, she had a communications diploma and was excited to start a degree in political science. She was bright, dreaming of becoming a journalist.

But, these dreams would never be realized for Fatima. On Sunday, at least 30 people were killed by Boko Haram in a raid, Fatima included among the dead (source).

It makes me wonder: who did she leave behind? What could she have done in this world as a bright, shining star of a person instead of being snuffed out? She was taken too soon, by bloodthirsty men.

It is things like this that remind me that life– vibrant, beautiful, wonderful life– can be ripped away so, so easily. Fatima was bright, committed, and excited before her end came…

So tonight, this blogpost is about, and for, her. Please pray with me as we remember just one beautiful person Boko Haram has taken from all who love her.

We love you, Fatima. You will not be forgotten, made into a mere number or statistic.
No. Never.
May you always be remembered for who you are: a star in the dark.
We will miss you.
Shine on.

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Each and every person is precious to Jesus Christ. Learn  more about His great Love for all people, including precious Fatima, here.

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